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  • Kat Copeland

A Corner Bar

I met her one night in a corner bar,

She was sitting alone on a stool.

I smiled down at her from where I sat,

Her eyes sparkled bright like a jewel.

She paid for my next glass of whiskey,

As laughter rose from our space.

She was drowning a demon in liquor,

I could tell from the lines on her face.

She said, “Tell me, my friend,

What do you do?”

I responded, “I’m a poet, who writes.

I love what I do, but it’s hard for me too.

It’s emotion, that makes up a rhyme.”

She said, “Would you write me an honest one,

That flows off the tongue like a song.

Give it an undertone darkness, with hope of a bright rising sun.”


This bar’s been my friend for quite some time.

We all have our demons, you know.

I come in here to remember mine,

I’m stronger not letting them go.

I recognized heartache from where you were,

I’ve sat here alone many times.

My friend you must know, there is far left to go,

Life is more than its heartache and crimes.


I lit the end of her cigarette,

And we shared it although I don’t smoke.

Two strangers in common, connected.

Her eyes soft and kind as I spoke.


It’s the whiskey in my glass that soothes me.

While the memories burn as they come.

I embrace them as my greatest triumph,

Ignoring your past makes you numb.

My friend this pain you have been through,

Is a tale that’s worthy of praise.

You are a heartache survivor,

It’s a tribute that we must both raise.

Happy Friday my friends 🥃

All my love,


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