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Explore a page of emotional healing, through the words of poetry author, Kat Copeland. Decorate your home with intricate pieces of the arts and add to your treasured literary collection in the shop. Enjoy weekly blog posts of poems dripping with emotion. Each poem is a rhythmic cadence, easy to digest. Embrace a new contagious passion for poetry’s genre.

  • Kat Copeland

A Godsend

She’s like moonlight that guides at night.

Or vibrant flowers that capture sight.

She’s like a breeze that dances through.

And a sky that’s warm and blue.

She’s like a tree that’s big and strong.

Or a bird with graceful song.

She’s like a horse you can depend.

Or a dog that’s your best friend.

She bends and sways, her roots are deep.

She guards the door so you can sleep.

She lights your way, a gorgeous view.

And when it’s hard she’ll carry you.

She’s trust and grace, she’s a godsend.

And she’s a love that will not end.


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