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  • Kat Copeland

A Labeled Life

Have you ever felt, you’re only a label?

What you’re going through, is all you are able?

Does a voice in your head, call you a name?

Are you being bullied, by the devil’s cruel game?

You’re a divorcee, apart from your spouse.

You are a failure, who’s losing their house.

You are an addict, who cannot say no.

You are anxiety, that cannot let go.

You are stupid, due to a test.

You are annoying, and titled a pest.

You are depression, life beat you down.

You are EMO, because of a frown.

You are disabled, or a little bit quirky.

You are Alzheimer’s, because your mind’s murky.

You’re a widower, who lives all alone.

You are reaping, seeds you have sown.

You’re a workaholic, who lives at their job.

You are a hoarder, who’s titled a slob.

You are a sinner, who’s evil and bad.

You are anger, because you’ve felt mad.

You’re fat, or you’re thin, your body’s not right.

You’re short, or too tall, your skin isn’t tight.

You’re young, you are old, your life’s at its end.

These labels are not, an identity my friend.

Have you asked yourself, who you really are?

Beneath all these labels, that won’t take you far.

You experience these things, you’re living through.

They do not define you, or what you can do!

They are merely a passing, moment in time.

A painful era, of a world’s hateful crime.

Who you really are, is a child of God.

A beautiful soul, deserving of booming applaud.

You are amazing, with endless potential.

Where you can go, is all exponential.

All my love,


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