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  • Kat Copeland

A Mature Bully

We talk about the bullies, who walk around in school.

We say they are just children, confused about life’s rule.

What we should discuss, is the ones who are full grown.

Educated bullies, who enjoy throwing a stone.

Through their many years, they’ve perfected their attack.

They do far more damage, than talk behind your back.

A mature bully, who’s looking to cause harm,

Has the experience, to approach you with their charm.

They manipulate with praise, by gifting you a crown.

Their kindness has a motive, to one day knock you down.

Mature bullies flash a smile, for people who don’t know,

How to see right through it, to the darkness down below.

They’ve absorbed harsh lessons, and built up a brick wall.

They’ve decided with conviction, they’ll be ready for a brawl.

This makes them a survivor, that’s hard to not admire,

But there’s no admiration, when pain is their desire.

Listen to the aftermath, of actions from their choice,

Sometimes we don’t realize, who all listen to our voice.


Jack and Jane are bullies, who make the perfect pair.

They think they are quite funny, they don’t see it as unfair.

They boss around their coworkers, as if it is a joke.

An intern see’s their actions, as a way to not be broke.

They call the law on neighbors, for every small offense.

Their once pleasant neighborhood, has hostility commence.

They talk about diversity, convinced it is a plague.

They’re solution to a perfect world, is confusing as is vague.

They discuss their day at dinner, as if it’s simply life.

Their children listen closely, as they use their butter knife.


Their children become bullies, who are shunned for all they do.

Their neighbors become guarded, for all that they’ve been through.

The intern gets promoted, for stepping on another.

A coworker let go, that the intern called her brother.

The burden of these stressors, begin to seep out others,

Affecting loving families, with angry fathers and now mothers.

We no longer teach our children, to turn the other cheek.

A child who’s a bully, preferred to one that’s weak.


You may see this as extreme, I’ve imagined it too far,

But a mature bully, grows in fame just like a star.

This is how it happens, the beginning of the chain.

Just look outside you’ll see, a downpour of hate rain.


Stand up for each other, and be an advocate.

Help them see their actions, and make them want to quit.

Do not sit and take it, this encourages behavior.

Lean on friends you trust, who are glad to be your savior.

We have to be committed, to stop them in their tracks.

Together we’re invincible, love is strong inside of packs.

All my love,


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