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  • Kat Copeland

An Everlasting Memory

Last Sunday my oldest love and I were baptized in a little baptist church here in Alabama. After God gifted her to me 15 years ago, I started yearning for a connection with Him. I explored many churches, listened to countless missionaries and members testimonies, and prayed. I struggled with faith and churches for many years. My moment of conviction came as I was standing in the kitchen of our townhouse in California. Roughly a decade ago. I was struggling in my marriage, struggling to be a good mother, struggling as a housewife, struggling with a heavy burden of sin, and struggling with faith. It wasn’t on my knees or in a church that God touched my soul, it was standing in a kitchen begging Him to help me. That was the start of my walk with Him and His Son. That was the moment I knew I could depend on Him when life became too much. This moment didn’t make me excel in all aspects of my life, it didn’t heal my marriage or gift me a life of ease without heartache, no it gifted me my most treasured Friend to lean on. After that moment, I never felt convicted to join a church. A structure of faith is a beautiful thing, there is growth in a community of believers that a solitary walk cannot unfold. I have an immeasurable amount of love and respect for all faiths and those who are convicted in theirs. I simply never felt that call, until now. I could write for days about my most cherished moments as a mother, memories only this love will relive a lifetime. I cannot imagine a more impactful moment, than listening to your baby declare their love and conviction of faith. Jo Jo and I felt the spirit, in the same moment, on the same day in this little church. She is my angel, my cherished love, my precious friend, and our bond is an empowering and potentially crippling one for me. We were baptized together with some of the most amazing people there to support us. I feel the love of our Father and Savior every Sunday between these walls. I absorb each message our Pastor preaches in his gift of deliverance. I feel a deep desire to attend, and my girls have asked to go to this church on many occasions. I will state yet again my conviction that Alabama is where we were always meant to be. God has blessed my life immensely here, I love our home, my job, my babies developing friendships, our neighbors, our new church family. Though my most treasured blessing as a mother and Alabamian, is watching my babies love for our Father and Savior develop here. We are finally home. Last Sunday was an everlasting memory to behold.

All my love


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