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Explore a page of emotional healing, through the words of poetry author, Kat Copeland. Decorate your home with intricate pieces of the arts and add to your treasured literary collection in the shop. Enjoy weekly blog posts of poems dripping with emotion. Each poem is a rhythmic cadence, easy to digest. Embrace a new contagious passion for poetry’s genre.

  • Kat Copeland


Do you experience debilitating depression?

Are you fighting bouts of random aggression?

Do you feel overwhelmed, when emotions erupt?

Are there some days, where you’re rude and abrupt?

Your highs are euphoric, energetic, and manic.

Coming down from this state, would make anyone panic!

Your highs and your lows, can provoke you to scream!

Being too passionate, will even cause you to dream.

Do you avoid other people, for they won’t understand?

Do you stay in a bubble, afraid of outbursts unplanned?

I understand that emotion, can cause physical pain.

And too much emotion, makes you feel insane.

Don’t worry my friend, for emotions you feel.

There are so many people, who are trying to deal.

Our swings may be different, we all have our moods.

Every person alive, can have bad attitudes.

Don’t feel ashamed, you’re blessed with emotion.

You have to look past, all the commotion.

Most people are numb, in this world we live in.

In a game of compassion, you’ll always win.

There are outlets to help you, control all you feel.

Places to turn, to slow down your wheel.

Doctors, therapists, and loved ones are great.

Find a positive outlet, then open your gate.

Some channel emotion, into some form of fighting.

I channel emotion, into all of my writing.

All my love,


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