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  • Kat Copeland

Dear Teacher

Thank you for teaching,

And guiding me too.

Thank you for patience,

In all that you do.

Your title of “Teacher”,

Means far more to me.

You are the person,

I’m striving to be!

You are a parent,

Who loves and protects.

You are an artist,

Creating projects.

You are a writer,

An earnest truth seeker.

You are encouragement,

A motivational speaker.

You are a boss,

A class supervisor.

You are a vision,

My futures advisor.

You are a poet,

Of dreams and expression.

You’re a psychologist,

For fear and aggression.

Thank you dear Teacher,

For helping me shine.

Of all teachers out there,

I’m thankful you’re mine!

I wrote this piece for my baby’s kindergarten teacher. She has gone above and beyond to ensure Mia’s first year in school is amazing. Mia asks to go back to school when she gets off the bus from time to time, which is a little heartwarming and a little insulting too 😂 Teachers are truly the Jack and Jill of all trades. They do not get enough recognition and gratitude, for all they do. I have such a deep love and appreciation for teachers. I know how much of their home life, unpaid, is dedicated to their classroom. I know how much of their own money is devoted to their students. I know how big their heart is, how intelligent they are, how resourceful, and how dedicated they are to their students success. I have a sister who’s a teacher. Thank you to every teacher out there! To the teachers who are remembered long after their classroom hours. To the teachers whom are genuinely loved by their “Babies”. And to the teachers whom are genuinely loved by grateful parents. You deserve more than a week of appreciation a year.

All my love,


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