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  • Kat Copeland

Fleeting Friendships

Do you ever ponder on the friendships you make? Is there a common link in the people you surround yourself with? Do you lean toward individuals similar to you and away from others who aren't? Can you see an old friend and hug them with the same love you had when you were together consistently, despite the time that has lapsed or the differing directions your lives have taken? I think we all begin our friendships in our youth with juvenile misunderstandings of what friendship truly is. It isn't the mere passing of time with another individual that we have no obligation to connect with, it isn't finding another person who is exactly like us. How boring would our lives be if we only befriended people who believed and lived as we do? How could we ever grow as individuals with only one outlook on life? I wish I could throw a BBQ again as I did in Utah, one with all my friends who have passed through my life. I‘ve pondered the different eras and how my choice in friendships have changed as I've gotten older. I thought how strange it would look to see "My people" all together. They would be the most diverse group you would ever see in your life, guaranteed. Regardless of what era each person came from, I could tell you something I learned from them. I have felt as though I was better than another in my lifetime, I have judged people, avoided them because of how they "Appeared", I have chosen my friendships on familiarity and commonality, and in those moments of my life, I truly wonder what lesson I missed? What incredible person did I bypass in that state of mind? Our lives are not defined by how we shape ourselves into individuals, they are defined by how we allow others to aid us in our individual growth. There is not a person on this planet that I, myself, cannot learn something from. To pass by a potential friendship that may impact my life deeply merely because we do not fit the stereotypical categorization of who "Look" like friends, is shameful. We should be able to find the lesson in every individual who walk through our lives, no matter how different, no matter how brief. Fleeting friendships are sometimes the most precious, God places each person in your life to teach you something. More times than not, the lesson is merely to love others who are different than you. I think it is easier for me to love people because I have lived so much in my short life. There is very little I cannot relate too, regardless of current habits and how I've changed through the years. You do drugs? I have too, I understand, I am no better. You smoke? I have too. I still have moments I walk by a smoker and fight the urge to French kiss them merely to suck the smoke out of thier lungs for the calming sensation it gives. You have a child and aren't married? I did too! You're religious? That's wonderful, I love God and Jesus very much. You're atheist? That's very interesting, tell me why? I want to know everything you feel and think about that, because I am genuinely curious, why is this not socially acceptable to talk about? You don't have to try and convince me you're right, I'm not going to tell you you're wrong either, I can simply converse about it and walk away still believing in God, yet enlightened to who you are and how you choose to live your life because of your conviction. I'm not saying everyone should go to great efforts to be friends with all individuals who pass through their lives. I'm merely saying we should embrace friendships outside of our social norm, embrace conversations even if you never speak to that person again, you never know, you might learn something 😉

All my love,


On a side note, I got a job this week. Yay for me 😁

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