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  • Kat Copeland

Happy Father’s Day

Dear Daddy

I’m thinking bout you Daddy,

Memories that make me smile.

I wish that I could see you,

For just a little while.

My heart’s still filled with yearning,

Silent tears will sometimes flow.

A million things I ache to say,

A whisper says you know.


Remember that I love you,

Although you’re far away.

I hope you have a party,

Each year on Father’s Day.

I see the angel’s dancing,

As you’re singing in the sky.

May laughter fall upon us,

From your party way up high.


Your time on earth concluded,

For heaven’s view that’s bright.

And as down here, you’re treasured,

In our Father’s sight.

I know above you’re happy,

In heaven where you are,

I’ll meet you there one day,

On streets of gold afar.

Happy Father’s Day to every loving father out there! I hope Sunday was filled with love from your beautiful families.

All my love,


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