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Happy New Year

The new year’s upon us, an aura of excitement and wonder for the year to come. There is also a distaste for the closing year. I will not conclude this year with complaints my friends. This was a year I feel blessed to have experienced. Yes, I am thankful for 2020, despite the trials it held.

I often read if you are positive on social media, you are “fake”, afraid to be “real” in a virtual world. The irony is, if you complain on social media, you are once again ridiculed for being dramatic and/or a pessimist. I will attempt to find a balance in this ceaseless judgment as I write this post. For the experiences of this life that mold us, stem from what we choose to “focus” on.

I could focus on my daughter’s bullies, telling you all how it has taken her playful childish nature, and replaced it with a hormonal overload of teenage anxiety and depression. However, I choose to focus on the positive impactful moments we have shared in light of this heartache. Her middle school experiences in Kentucky, lead to our relocation. Our entire family loves Alabama. We love our new home, our new neighbors, my new job, Tim’s managerial promotion, our new church family, yes even the addition of a stray cat we are slowly adapting as ours. Despite the protest of our dogs, particularly mine, who chases her up a tree every chance she gets. Or my husband’s general distaste for cats. Or my general exhausted nature and complaint we don’t need another pet, as I find myself seeking out grain-free cat foods everywhere I go, ensuring feeding her will not affect my dog’s allergies 😒 The stupid cat brings my baby joy, and therefore she is ours.

Despite my daughter’s anxiety and depression, I can still make her laugh, despite her nightmares and struggles, she is making efforts to aid in her own healing. We all suffer anxiety and depression at some point in life, especially as we try to survive the teenage years. We simply cannot allow it to consume us. We must permit ourselves to release the heartache, cry, scream, write, run it out if you need, but after the cleansing, we must overload our senses with positivity. Music, books, tv, media, thoughts, friends, and family. Detoxing ourselves from any and all of these that negatively impact our ability to find joy in life.

I could focus on the time I almost ran out of toilet paper 😳 My family moved to Alabama at the onset of the pandemic. We arrived on a Friday, with six rolls on hand 🧻 and no groceries, anticipating merely buying these needed items and avoiding unnecessary extra boxes 🤦‍♀️ The state shut down that following Monday and by the time I made it to the stores, all the shelves were wiped clean ☠️ Sure, I could focus on that. I would rather brag on my in-laws though. Tell ya’ll how they drove eight hours in a single day to bring my family groceries and toilet paper! I could not be more blessed with better people to call my family.

I could focus on how my son had F’s for the first time this year, as we struggled to survive homeschooling together. Or, I could focus on how we brought those F’s up to B’s in three months, because he’s intelligent, and because I knew he could do better. I will also tell you that homeschooling was not for my son, and despite a pandemic, I allowed him to return to public school mid year, because I knew it is what he needed. I could focus on how he came home with Covid, less than two weeks into starting back to public school. Or, I could tell you how I pumped him full of vitamins, administered prescription medication, soups, warm snuggles, prayer, and love, and that God healed my baby from this virus and I allowed him to return to public school.

I could focus on my brother’s suicide, allowing the heartache left to consume me and leave a bitter distaste for this year. However, I choose to focus on the blessing of seeing my niece and nephews. The trip laden with sorrow in each passing mile, that also held anticipation, excitement, and treasured memories at the end. I could tell ya’ll writing my brother’s eulogy was “heartache’s burden”. I choose to tell ya’ll I wrote my brother’s eulogy to and for his babies, whom are mine and it was a “privilege” to write it.

I could tell ya’ll how I missed Thanksgiving with my sister because my son caught Covid. However, I choose to tell ya’ll on my way to my brother’s funeral this summer, I stopped to see my sister. I believe that was a gift from God, He knew we would be unable to do our traditional visit this year.

I could focus on the challenges there are as a worker in the medical field during a pandemic. However, I want ya’ll to know I feel truly blessed and thankful to work in the medical field during a pandemic. I have met some of life’s true hero’s. I have brought a smile to patients in moments of discomfort and fear, which will forever be one of my greatest accomplishments in this life. I have a job, which should never be discredited.

I could focus on the traveling aspect of my husband’s job, how even in a managerial position, he is still required to be away from our family for weeks on end. Or, on the flip side of that I could complain about the pay cut he was forced to take when his work had to do cutbacks and layoffs at the beginning of the pandemic. I could complain about the jobs that got canceled and the hit his paychecks took in that regard. However, what I choose to focus on is that my husband kept his job during a pandemic. As a traveling man of many years, he spent a great portion of 2020 working from home. We have taken more family walks, played more family games, spent more family nights with warm blankets and popcorn, watching a movie together than we have in our entire marriage.

Things I learned this year;

1. To be “prepared” without being a “hoarder”. There is a difference my friends 😉

2. Don’t take time for granted, for time may run out.

3. The ability to work is a blessing. 🙏

4. Never allow your pride to interfere with your child’s development. It’s okay if your baby is suffering from anxiety and/or depression, you haven’t failed. It’s okay if your child thinks you suck as a teacher 😬 😂 You haven’t failed.

5. Do not allow fear to control your life.

6. Stupid stray cats need love too 😂 and no matter how much you don’t want to, they’ll make you love them anyway 🤦‍♀️ 🐈

Happy New Year My Friends,

May this year bring you joy, good fortune, treasured memories, and a closer relationship with family, friends, and our Father.

All my love,

~Kat 💋

~Success is found in joy,

Happiness is life’s objective.

How far we will go,

Is all in our perspective.~

P.S. Just a little side note, eat your black eyed peas and avoid chicken tomorrow. While success is all in our perspective, a little superstitious luck is always good to have on our side 😉 😂

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