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  • Kat Copeland

I Dreamt Last Night About You

I dreamt last night about you,

A see through veil that’s thin.

I dreamt that you came knocking,

A broken man within.

I picked up all your pieces,

I pieced them into place.

And yet, despite my efforts,

You said it was a race.

I dreamt last night about you,

You demanded every turn.

I followed far behind you,

A memory will burn.

I fell along our travels,

I cracked and broke away.

Until one day I shattered,

By words that you would say.

I dreamt last night about you,

I listened at my door.

As you shouted to me,

“I don’t want you anymore.”

I leaned against the framing,

Holding pieces of a heart.

I told myself I’m stronger,

This may be a new start.

I pieced myself together,

And gazed upon each crack.

I pondered for awhile,

Of how much I may lack.

I dreamt last night about you,

Knocking at my door.

And I ignored your rapping,


I don’t want you anymore.


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