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Explore a page of emotional healing, through the words of poetry author, Kat Copeland. Decorate your home with intricate pieces of the arts and add to your treasured literary collection in the shop. Enjoy weekly blog posts of poems dripping with emotion. Each poem is a rhythmic cadence, easy to digest. Embrace a new contagious passion for poetry’s genre.

  • Kat Copeland


To the broken hearts, You’re love has no boundary. To the shaken and weary, There was strength in your journey. To the vulnerable, You’re capable of acceptance. To the damaged souls, You’ve experienced growth. ~ A shattered heart, Is pieced together delicately. A fatigued body, Will rejuvenate in rest. A damaged soul, Will thrive in minor prosperity. ~ Breaks can be mended, Cracks can be filled. Art is tedious, And requires patience. You, are an artists masterpiece. More beautiful for being broken. All my love, ~Kat

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There are people you will meet, who cannot be your light. People who aren’t happy, who are looking for a fight. If you show another kindness, and they aren’t kind to you, Do not let their attitude, re

With every word that’s spoken, In haste to be unkind. I know your heart is broken, And hope has been resigned. With every hurtful action, You tell me is deserved. I will not match your anger, My vexat

A myriad of love, Can be forsaken in a singular moment of anger. And yet, innumerable moments of heartache, Can be healed in a remarkable moment of love. Do not submit to lingering heartache. Embrace



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