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  • Kat Copeland

Little Child of Mine

Come sit in my lap, little child of mine,

Let me soak up the beauty, of your bright eyes that shine.

Did you know there is nothing, I wouldn’t do,

To prove to the world, that my love is true.


I love you as much as a glass that is full,

I love you as warm, as a blanket of wool.

I love you as vibrant, as a summer sky’s blue.

I love you as deeply, as the ocean is too.

I love you as freely, as a bird that flies free,

I love you sincere, as prayer on bended knee.

I love you fervently, as a fire that’s bright.

I love you as clear, as the keenest eyesight.

I love you harmoniously, as the most soothing tone,

Little child of mine, I’ll love you, when you are grown.

I love you as wide as a field of wild flowers,

I love you as long, as eternities hours.


I love you completely, in all that you do,

I love you in moments, when you’re angry too.

I love who you are, inside your heart,

I love your mind, my love you are smart.

No matter your age, little child of mine,

I’ll see my sweet baby, in your bright eye’s that shine.

For my Jo Jo, Jax, and Mia. The greatest loves of my life, my beating heart, my mental stability, and the emotion that flows through my fingers to dance across a page. I’ll love you past my last breath.


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