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  • Kat Copeland

Salvation’s Story

He pleaded for, our mortal soul.

“Send me Father, to make them whole.”

He left a mansion, up above,

To save all sinners, by His love.

Three years He preached, across the land.

True miracles made by His hand.

A toxic kiss, began the end.

Betrayed by one, who called Him friend.

A bitter world, engorged with hate.

A thorny crown, to seal His fate.

A wooden cross, they nailed Him to.

To pay this debt, for me and you.

He suffered long, prepared to die,

All alone, He asked God why?

A soldier stabbed, Him with a sword,

Then recognized, Him as our Lord!

They took the crown, off of His head.

Declaring that, our Lord was dead.

They did not know, of their great loss,

And yet their gain, upon that cross.

God took His soul, to Him in glory,

And left this world, salvation’s story.

A darkened world, for heaven’s pain.

And thus began, our Savior’s reign.

Securely sealed, inside a tomb,

When Easter dawned, an empty room.

In heaven and, on Earth we sing,

Praises to, our risen King!

Happy Easter my friends! May your Sunday morning be filled with the love of our Savior, family, and friends.

All my love,


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