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  • Kat Copeland

Shout It

Don’t let yourself be silent, every time you have a thought.

Your wanting to say something, but in your throat it’s caught.

You’re fearful of the judgement, what if your words are wrong?

Stop second guessing passion, your beating heart is strong.


I want to hear you, and I want to know,

Everything you think, that could make me grow.

Say what you want to, don’t hold it all back,

I’ll be beside you, if people attack.


I’m an endless flowing waterfall, of words I want to say.

I won’t build a dam to stop them, I embrace their flowing way.

Some see my waters rainbow, and some see the spraying mist.

You may love my waters downfall, while another feels its fist.


I want to speak and I want to cry,

Until the day, I fly up to the sky.

I may never be famous, or speak to the world.

My words are my wings, I won’t let them be furled.


The message that I’m writing, has been written down before.

It’s still possible that my words, will affect another more.

You don’t have to write uniquely, for your words make you unique.

There are people you are helping, with your bravery to speak.

Don’t hold your words inside you, they are dying to come out.

Take my hand I’ll lift you up, and teach you how to shout.


Cause I’m gonna speak, and I’m gonna cry,

Until the day, I must tell you goodbye.

All my love,


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