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  • Kat Copeland

The Bible

This world’s a schooling battlefield,

The Bible is our sword and shield.

Its words a gift to His creation.

God holds desire of relation.

He wants to imprint on our soul.

Guiding life’s our Father’s goal.

The Holy Spirit on hearts is landing.

To aid us in our understanding.

Gifting us a peaceful feeling.

And helping with all heartache’s healing.

The Bible is our guiding strength.

It holds all answers in its length.

The frailties are an authenticity,

Of a sinful worlds toxicity.

It teaches no man is exempt.

From falling short to known contempt.

There is no sin that we could wear,

The cross of Jesus did not bear.

Salvation is for all who seek it.

All we have to do is speak it.

Two millenniums God’s word’s survived.

Through persecution it has thrived.

The most popular book that’s ever been written.

Inside each page a heart will be smitten.

Three continents, 1500 years and 35 authors.

There’s immeasurable knowledge the Bible offers.

Seasoned Christians seek more knowledge,

From familiar pages of God’s college.

Christians gather everyday,

For bible studies to guide their way.

Line upon line and precept upon precept.

Absorbing vast knowledge as words they dissect.

As rain and snow bring life to earth.

The Bible hydrates our soul from birth.

It often only takes one verse,

For conviction to disburse.

A line can change our life’s direction.

A single word cause course correction.

“The grass will fade and flowers wither, the word of God endures forever.” (Isaiah 40:8)

All my love,


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