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  • Kat Copeland

Toxic People

There are people who are toxic, for your ability to grow.

Their poison kills you slowly, with a steady kind of flow.

It can take some time to realize, they are looking for a fight.

You must recognize a spider, by the venom in their bite.

Toxic people weave a web, that is detailed and alluring.

There are many sticky strands, to ensure your firm securing.

They find amusement as they watch, victims struggle to get free.

You must cut away the silk, and then turn around to flee!

You can’t help but to admire, their intelligence and charm.

Even after revelation, they have always meant you harm.

It is hard to spot a web, for it’s built to be unseen.

To not get caught up in it, you need eyesight that is keen.

They manipulate and use, all who’ll listen to their lies.

You have to watch out for them, in other sets of eyes.

You’ll receive a gift of venom, to remind you they are there.

When the carrier’s another, their malevolence more unfair.

Cleanse yourself of poison, that is coursing through your soul.

And realize that goodbye, doesn’t have to leave a hole.

It’s okay to love a person, from the safety of a distance.

There are many different people, who aren’t made for coexistence.

Forgiveness isn’t tied to forgetting one’s misdeeds.

You learn and then forgive, while you focus on your needs.

Avoiding toxic people, doesn’t resize your big heart.

It’s keeping them around, that will make you fall apart.

All my love,


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