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  • Kat Copeland

We don’t Deserve Dogs

We don’t speak the same language,

Yet they know what we say.

There isn’t a person,

In tune with the mood of our day.

They will give up their seat,

They don’t ever complain.

They’re our valiant protector,

And comfort through pain.

They will lay in our lap,

Or sit by our feet.

They wait by our door,

Eagerly waiting to greet.

And when they’re in trouble,

They do not talk back.

Ashamed of their actions,

Their heart feels a crack.

They await our forgiveness,

With sorrowful eyes.

Our truest friend,

Does not tell any lies.

They’ll do all that we ask,

For the love of our praise.

Once a bond has developed,

Their loyalty stays.

No, we don’t deserve dogs,

Their hearts are patient and true.

We should mirror their love,

In all that we do.

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