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Workweek Woes

I took a call at work a few weeks ago, on the other end was a gentleman inquiring about a wheelchair for his sister. I asked this man if he was wanting a manual wheelchair or a power wheelchair? To which his response was, “Ma-am, she ain’t smart nuff to oper-ate no power chair”. And God forgive me y’all, I laughed. I don’t mean I uttered a polite chuckle, or laughed in my head at what I thought was a joke. No my friends, I mean I had an unexpected and involuntary belly laugh that outright vocally erupted into the speaker of my headset 🤦‍♀️

........ A long pause of awkward silence later.

“Ma-am, shes mentally re-tar-did”


Now, in this moment I had merely two options, and sadly one of them was not melt to a puddle of me into the carpet never to be seen or heard from again.

Option A, profusely apologize for any offense I may have caused, or B, professionally and directly finish answering his questions and get off the phone as soon as possibly before I had a stroke. I chose option B. “Yes Sir, we have manual wheelchairs and cushions in stock, we would be happy to show to you, if you have a moment to swing by the store.” And by “we” I meant ANYONE but me 😱💀

About ten minutes later I see a man pull into the parking lot.... I don’t know how I knew it was the same soul I spoke to mere moments past, though I suppose the aura of “You’re going to hell” must have been radiating from him in some manner as I retreated for the first time to my desk at the sight of a customer. Which thank heavens, is in the front corner of the store and often overlooked by customers. I sunk as deep into my chair as I could possibly get, held my breath and prayed the phone wouldn’t ring the duration of his time in the store for fear he may recognize my voice. Yep, I hid from a customer. Indeed.

So, just in case you feel as though you are failing at life, and you needed an early week reminder that you’re awesome. Here is a mortifying story of me laughing at a handicapped person in a professional setting. You’re welcome. You are killing it at life my friend, whatever small disappointing action you may be obsessing over lately, be thankful you’re not on my level. I don’t know how I survive this life 🤦‍♀️ Oh wait, laughing at my stupidity, that’s right. 🤷‍♀️ 😂

~Kat 💋

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