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Workweek Woes

I sold a rollator walker recently to a patient who had to be out of pocket on the purchase. We all know the frustrations of insurance, we pay to a breaking point, to be met with denials on everything we need. After receiving this prescription, I called this sweet lady and explained to her the reason her insurance wouldn’t pay. She states she would still like it and was willing to pay out of pocket, then passed me to her husband. I explained the details to him, quoted him a price, then stated I will have it ready for pickup in mere minutes. He informed me they did not have a car and inquired on whether we would deliver. I asked for a card payment over the phone before delivery? He informed me he only had checks. To my great regret, I stated cash or card would be preferred but I would speak to my boss about delivery and acceptance of a check. Now, let me explain this. This is a patient who we have never done business with. Our company will do anything for standing relationships, and I have yet to have my boss decline a request for a new patient, but I still have to inquire. I wish however, I had simply said, “let me get approval from my boss to deliver”. 🤦‍♀️

I literally called this gentleman back no more than 15 minutes later. I informed him we would be glad to accept a check and deliver the item, to which he responds, “I have cash now Ma-am”. Of course I must conclude this precious soul WALKED to an ATM because of my statement 🥺 Ya’ll I have a guilty conscience, you can’t imagine how things plague me, such as this.

Later that day, I am recanting this story to my coworkers with deep regret. I glance across at Lauren, who is staring me down, and we lock eyes for a second uncomfortable moment in my time here.


It was a brisk morning in March, my first week in my position. The women’s bathroom was out of order and my post pregnancy bladder was unable to hold out for the day it was fixed. I did the walk of shame back to the men’s bathroom, where I unknowingly locked a door that had a secret catch. Whilst I am mid stream relieving myself, the door swings open and Lauren and I lock eyes for an uncomfortable amount of time. There was no need for verbalization in this moment we shared. We silently exchanged an understanding of mortification that came linked to an agreement we would not look or speak to each other for possibly the remainder of our years there. I also vowed to never consume liquid on working days again.

Flash forward......

Here we are, once again locked in what I recognize as a deeply regrettable moment of mortification. I simply cannot understand why this particular moment is this level? To which he finally states what is reeling in his mind, “You made him walk to the store without his walker?” 😳

Me: 😵💀

Apparently in my incessant rambling, I failed to mention the walker was for this man’s wife and Lauren thought I was literally the worst 😆

That’s right my friend, anything for that bottom dollar 🤷‍♀️😎

All my love,


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